4 Best Swimming Spots In Austin

Updated on: December 2023

Best Swimming Spots In Austin in 2023

Splash Across Texas! The Definitive Guide to Swimming in Central Texas

Splash Across Texas! The Definitive Guide to Swimming in Central Texas
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
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Scubapro Seawing Nova Open Heel Fins, White - Medium

Scubapro Seawing Nova Open Heel Fins, White - Medium
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade is able to generate thrust. Pivot control technology ensures the most efficient angle of attack is maintained no matter how hard or softly you kick, generating thrust without drag or wasted energy
  • Clean water blade geometry for optimum propulsion. Water is free to flow onto the working section of the blade, drag is reduced and thrust increased
  • Variable pivot control ribs insures that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick. | Ergonomic foot pocket with extended heel plate insuring ultimate power transmission with less leg strain
  • Durable Monprene construction making SeaWing virtually indestructible. | Wing tips arc upwards, increasing high-speed stability.
  • Marine quality bungee heel strap with custom adjustment system for total comfort and convenience

Apeks RK3 Open Heel Dive Fins (Large, Black)

Apeks RK3 Open Heel Dive Fins (Large, Black)
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Based on one of the first vented rubber fins sold in North America and popular among military and professional divers.
  • Compact, and ultra-rugged for use in harsh environments.
  • Improved foot pocket with spring straps for ease of use with cold hands or thick gloves.
  • Short wide blade provides maximum forward thrust while maintaining great maneuverability.
  • Vented blade design reduces resistance on the upstroke and enhances thrust on the downstroke.

Cressi Pluma, Black, 45/46

Cressi Pluma, Black, 45/46
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Cressi is a REAL diving, snorkeling and swimming Italian brand, since 1946.
  • A lightweight and full foot fin, ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Made in Italy by Cressi's manufactory.
  • Made by molding three different materials (a Cressi patented construction system) to give high performance, extreme lightness, easy fining, and comfort.
  • The blade is made from light and reactive polypropylene, it is very-energetic and has snappy rebound. The result is powerful, fluid and untiring kick.
  • The foot pocket extends along the bottom of the blade to give protection during fining even in shallow water and near rocks.

Haunted Ohio: Haunted Parks and Outdoor Spots in Ohio

Parks, caves and even swimming holes can be haunted in Ohio. Take a look at these ghosts.

Take for instance Camp Wilson in Bellefontaine. The camp itself has stood for over a century now and some of the stories have passed from generation to generation. According to rumors, a man named Abe walks the grounds at night and the ghost of a little boy known as Timmy can be seen close to the nearby railroad track. Some have even heard Timmy laughing in the middle of the night.

Canal Fulton several haunted spots. One is the Lock 4, which was first opened in 1857. Legend claims that the head of construction went crazy one night and flung acid on the workers. The acid eventually killed a number of men as well as the man and all of their spirits still haunt the area. Venture a little further away and you'll find Rogue's Hollow and a haunted bridge.

Clark County also has its fair share of haunted places like Cedar Bog. Supposedly a strange creature roams the area and sightings of the creature led to officials putting up a large fence. Those who have wandered near the area late at night claim they felt someone watching them and heard someone screaming in the distance.

Also in Clark County is the haunted George Rogers Clark Park. Daniel Boone and Clark himself have been spotted wandering around the park. Years ago this was the spot where a large battle took place and some have seen the ghosts of Indians there as well as men wearing old fashioned looking uniforms.

Weaver Cave in Corning, Ohio is also haunted. Local legend claims that the Ku Klux Klan were highly active in the area and would frequently use the cave to torture and kill African Americans. Late at night people claim to hear the sounds of someone screaming inside the cave.

There is also a haunted portion of railroad tracks near the small town of Clyde. Supposedly a group of teenagers were killed there in the 1960s when their stalled car was hit head on by a passing train. Somehow all four kids were decapitated and though a massive search was held, the heads were never found. Now there are stories of people seeing a smashed car on the tracks and the heads of the victims lying near the tracks.

In Dover, Ohio you can find a haunted stone quarry. Back when the area was first settled, a man fell in love with an Indian living there. The only problem was that he was already married, but that didn't stop the affair from continuing. When the wife discovered his affair, she chased the couple to the quarry where they decided to jump rather than give up. According to legend, the two lovers now haunt the area.

Another haunted stone quarry with a similar story can be found in New Philadelphia. According to legend a local Native American man kept two women in his life. One night his mistress fought with the man and his wife and all three fell over the side. The ghosts of the three people can still be spotted on the cliff.

Delaware is home to the Blue Limestone Park, which many people believe is haunted. People believe this is one of the most haunted places in all of Ohio, with over a dozen different ghosts. Supposedly cults once practiced human sacrifice here, dozens of people were killed when a train derailed and several people have killed themselves over the years.

If you want to see the ghost of an old Indian while hitting the links, visit the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin. Supposedly the local Indians held this area in high regard and buried some of their fallen warriors on the spot. Now the former Chief makes his presence known by bringing down a rainstorm during particularly important tournaments.

Or you can check out Chimney Rock in Gallia where a woman once killed herself. Now she returns as a disembodied screaming voice. Then there's Cascade in Elyria where people spot the ghosts of ancient man. They claim to hear the sounds of people chanting and shadows that look like a group of warriors dancing around a fire. The Mohican State Park in Loudonville is haunted by a strange glowing light, as well as a Native American warrior who killed a number of people during the 1800s.

One spot you have to see is the Old Millfield Mine in the town of the same name. Years ago this small town was rocked by a mine disaster that killed hundreds of people. On the anniversary of the explosion people claim to feel the streets moving as history rewinds and people flee from the mines.

A small area in Nelsonville is known as Airplane Hollow. Supposedly a man and his wife were killed when their plane crashed here, but their child was spared. Unfortunately no one found the wreckage for a few weeks and by that time the child had died. Those who have dared to go near Airplane Hollow have heard a baby crying eerily in the night.

Morristown is the site of a tragedy involving a young woman who died on her wedding day. As she went down Lady Binn Hill, se somehow fell beneath her carriage and was decapitated as the wheels rolled over here. On foggy nights people claim to see the headless woman on the hill, still trying to find her missing head.

Locust Grove in New Middletown was used for a number of years by families who spent hours having picnics and playing in the water. The park was shut down due to the large number of people who drowned in the water. Now there are stories of people feeling someone trying to pull them down when swimming in the water.

In Ohio Summit you'll hear the sounds of a ghostly battle roaring. Listen closely because it only lasts for a few minutes before the noises stop completely. At the Earthworks in Newark you might be lucky enough to capture a few ghostly orbs with your camera.

Near the same area you'll find Mutane Town. Everywhere you look in this town you'll find a haunted place. People claim to see faces staring out of windows in boarded up buildings and seeing figures in the cemetery. There are also stories of a crybaby bridge where people see some unusual things.

The Medina Indian Mound in Oxford's Heuston Woods is also haunted. Stories range from strange glowing orbs to the sensation of someone pushing them away from the spot. The Painesville fairgrounds are haunted by a group of children who died in a massive fire, they can be seen playing near the area.

Ohio also has the odd story of the Sugar Shack in Shelby. During the day the only remains of the small building is foundation rocks. At night you may hear people screaming in pain and if you go back to the spot, you'll see the building standing and looking just like it once did.

Toledo's Rocky Shore is haunted by the ghost of a woman that's still looking for her lost love. In life they often met at the spot, but one night he disappeared and was never found. Lastly is the haunted Glen Helen in Yellow Springs. People claim to see the original Helen in the area as well as the ghost of old Indians.

Don't be fooled into thinking you have to be inside just to see a ghost in Ohio.


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