4 Bestway 58237 Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit

Updated on: September 2023

Bestway 58237 Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit in 2023

Flowclear Deluxe Maintenance Kit

Flowclear Deluxe Maintenance Kit
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Bestway AquaCrawl Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuum Cleaner (2 Pack)

Bestway AquaCrawl Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuum Cleaner (2 Pack)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Included: 4 aluminum poles, 3 adapters for use with a wide variety of pumps and pools, debris and leaf bag, 2 angled conversion nozzles (1 with a brush), extra long 19.7 foot vacuum hose measuring 1.25 inches in diameter
  • 4 section aluminum poles are easy to assemble
  • Attach to the filter pump for light cleaning your pool
  • 3 adapters for use with different pools and filter pump systems
  • 2 angled conversion nozzles, one with a brush

Flowclear AquaClean Pool Cleaning Kit

Flowclear AquaClean Pool Cleaning Kit
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Maintain your pool: This pool maintenance set includes a vacuum to suck off dirt and algae from the sides and floors of your pool while the skimmer net picks up leaves, insects, and debris off the water surface. Interchangeable heads let you switch between tasks effortlessly.
  • Clean pool with ease: Bestway swimming pool cleaning kit allows pool owners a simple cleaning solution instead of clearing or scrubbing debris by hand.
  • Extended Reach: The 9 feet Aluminum Pole enables the pool vacuum and skimmer to clean hard to reach areas of an above ground pool. Great for pools that are 15' And below in diameter.
  • No batteries or charging: simply attach the hose to your pool's filter pump to have a powerful lightweight vacuum to clean pool walls and floors as an affordable alternative to large, clunky robot cleaners.
  • Simple disposal: debris and garbage are collected in a removable and reusable waste bag.

Bestway 188980 Chemical Floater

Bestway 188980 Chemical Floater
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Best way - chemical floater, yellow
  • Dispenses 3in chemical tablets
  • Adjustable dial to control the release of chemicals
  • Integrated with a thermometer
  • Easy to read temperature gauge

Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool in 11 Easy Steps

There are many techniques for winterizing pools, but these 11 essential concepts are tried and true. Close your pool correctly in order to open it in the spring with little or no winter damage and clean, clear water to begin the new season.

As summer comes to a close and fall edges into the horizon, owners of an above-ground swimming pool will need to give thought to the seasonal routine of winterizing their pool for the cold season. Some mid-westerners would argue that the summer season never fully hit this year and they would definitely have a leg to stand on in an argument over the issue, however in the end, if you want your pool to open next season with as little ice damage as possible and clean water to boot, following these simple steps for a pool closing will be of great benefit.

There are additional tips and tricks to numerous to list that one can use in this process, but these are the basics you will need to get the job done. Don't forget to clean out your filter completely and store it indoors for the winter season. Following these guidelines will hopefully result in an easy spring opening and clean water to start the next summer season.

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